Blush Crush – Tarte Tipsy

August 17, 2011 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments

Let’s begin with the haul posts shall we? =P

Of course I had to start with a blush. My US trip was chock full of sightseeing, hiking, touristy-things and not so much on shopping time, so this was actually purchases on a very short Sephora run early on in my trip when I was in New York City.

I’d read about Tarte’s new Amazonian clay series which promised long-wear and skincare benefits. I’m not really buying into the whole skincare benefits premise, as I don’t think I’d be wearing enough of the blush to see any significant results, but long-wear is certainly attractive.

The case is slim and compact, a matte surface that reflects the shade that’s within, which is a pretty neat concept so that I don’t even have to open my blush up or look at the label to know which one I’m holding.

I picked up Tipsy which is a sunny coral shade that’s perfect for summer!

The case opens up to the blush and a full-size mirror which is pretty handy. I also love it when there are designs/motifs on the blush itself, and this amazon rainforest theme is pretty cool.

Tipsy is a gorgeous coral shade that is bright and sunny, a perfect summer shade. It suits my warm skintone very nicely complementing the tan I eventually got during my trip =)

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

As you can see, it’s very pigmented, but a light hand and some layering allows for personal customisation. It feels quite densely packed in the pan, no powdery fallouts whatsoever when swatching, which means you won’t pick up more product than you’d like to. As for the long wear claim, I was pretty impressed that it did last me over 8 hours through some severe heat, sweat, and physical exertions. I wore this on and off during my 3 weeks trip, and ended up picking up another shade just before coming home!

Definitely a keeper for me!



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  1. I love coral blush, what a beautiful shade. How much did you have to pay for it?

    • I got it from Sephora in NYC for US$25 + tax.. =)

  2. […] previously reviewed two shades from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush range, Tipsy and Blissful and was really looking forward to checking out the new shimmer blushes released in […]

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