Travel Buddy – Stila It Gloss

September 8, 2011 at 10:38 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments

Since I still don’t have new photos to show you guys (sorry.. no daylight), I’m continuing with my travel buddy series!

This Stila It Gloss was given to me some time ago, and it was missing the label sticker so I never knew what shade it was! But it’s found itself a spot in my travel makeup kit despite being unidentifiable.

This unknown shade is a neutral baby pink shade with lots of shimmer thrown in. It’s got this sticky texture which I’m told is similar to MAC’s lipglass, which I don’t own so no comparisons from me. There’s a bit of a vanilla scent going on, which I don’t particularly like, but it fades away quickly enough.

What I like about it is how shiny and shimmery this is, which is perfect for night outs when I’m away. I definitely do not wear this out when I’m away for work, but it’s great to have in my stash when I’m heading out for the night. It’s slim and easy to tote around. The brush applicator makes reapplying a breeze, and the sticky texture actually helps make it last longer through the night!

I wouldn’t wear it during the day as it’s just way too shimmery for me, but for nights, it’s great!



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  1. Very pretty lip swatch! Love your lips. So would you say you are a lipstick or lip gloss kinda gal?

    • Thanks! I’m definitely a lipgloss girl =P In fact, lipbalm most of the time..

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