Blush Crush – Tokidoki Skate Girl Peggy

September 21, 2011 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments

I’ve always had a fondness/weakness for Tokidoki products, the quirky characters, cute illustrations never fails to draw me in. I was really excited when they launched a cosmetics line, and I’ve been collecting pieces here and there, mostly for the packaging, but they’ve turned out surprisingly well!

I added the Bellina Blush in Skate Girl/Peggy during my latest trip to the US.

I’m slightly confused by the name as the back of the box says Skate Girl…

… but the back of the case itself says Peggy.. hmmm..

Either way, I was most drawn in by the cute characters on the transparent plastic case. I love that cactus dog character! Super cute =P

Open the case and you see the neat split blush duo. Gorgeous sight isn’t it?

Both sides are shimmery, though the darker shade on the right has a more obvious golden sheen to it. It is also more pigmented than the paler shade on the left.

Swatched in natural light.

This was surprisingly pigmented! I wasn’t expecting much, having bought this for the packaging, but the quality really impressed me.

Swatched in flash light.

The shimmer and sheen are much more obvious under flash light. I usually just swipe my blush brush over both shades to achieve a golden peach-pink effect, and this blush has a very decent wear-time. It lasted 5-6 hours before fading very slightly. At the end of a long day, there’s still a tinge of colour on my cheeks, though no longer as vibrant.

I’ve got my eye on the other Bellina Blush in Siberia now that I’m convinced of the quality of Tokidoki. Hopefully they continue to release more shades!



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  1. Hey Luna, it is a very cute blush. How much do they go for?

    • I succumbed to the cute =P It’s US$22 + tax

  2. so cute! i want hahahahahaha *ninja the blush off*

    • hahahaha cute hor.. *defends against your ninja*

  3. […] of you who read my previous review of Tokidoki’s Bellina Blush in Skate Girl/Peggy will remember me lusting for the other shade, Siberia. I managed to snag one from Sephora when I […]

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