Kiss Mat Chiffon UV Whitening Base N

October 3, 2011 at 9:21 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments

I was scrolling through my unposted photos and realised that I never wrote about this despite having used it on and off for over a year!

I purchased this in Japan during my trip last year. At the time, it was a newly launched product and prominently featured in the drugstores I visited. I’d read some good reviews of it’s predecessor and decided that on my eternal quest for something to control my oily skin, I’d give this a try.

As I bought this directly from Japan, there isn’t any translation of the description or ingredients commonly found on our local imported retail products. My low-level of Japanese language skills just about tells me that this has whitening, pore (tightening?) effects, and contains hyaluronic acid.. But really, don’t take my word for it..

Packaging is a bottle with sleek and clean lines, very chic.

I like the very hygienic pump dispenser under the white cap and it allows me to control very well the amount I need to dispense.

I bought shade 02 Matte Beige which is a blends in quite well with my skintone. It’s not heavily tinted like a foundation, as it’s meant to act as a base to brighten and even out your skintone, but this shade works quite well for me.

There’s a very slight pinkish undertone to this, but mostly it is a neutral beige shade that works well on my dull and uneven bare skin. With SPF 26/PA++, I can skip my sunblock, but I’d still use another foundation/BB cream with sun protection over this as our local tropical sun can be very unforgiving.

In terms of oil control, this is above average when pair with a oil-control foundation/BB cream. I can go well into 6-7 hours without blotting and that’s quite an achievement for my skin.

I don’t recall how much this retailed for in Japan, but that seems to be the only place where it’s available as I’ve yet to come across Kiss products even on my travels. But I’m sure if you’re determined to get it, a quick search on Google or Ebay will yield some results.



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  1. You got me interested in this! Gotta find ways to get my hands on this :P

    • Sadly this is yet another brand only available in Japan =( If you find it elsewhere at a reasonable price, let me know!

      Oh wait! I can actually give u a sample in a mini 5g container to try if you want?

      • Sure. i will keep a lookout and let you know if I can get it :)

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