Takashimaya Guerlain Haul

October 24, 2011 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, it registered in my brain that Takashimaya Atrium was having a Brands Sale, which happens maybe a couple of times a year. Basically it’s a whole atrium full of stuff on sale, from sportswear to footwear to accessories to bags and of course, to cosmetics. I’ve been to a few of these sales, and usually Paul & Joe and Guerlain are available as their local distributor Luxasia has a counter in the atrium. But it didn’t occur to me to check out the sale until one weekend when I was out shopping with Hitting the Pan! And I’m so glad we popped by!

I made a beeline for the cosmetics section and straight to the Guerlain counter. They had quite a limited selection of items on sale, mostly eyeliners, mascaras, the older eyeshadow quads and a few lipsticks. I swiftly made my choice to pick up the LE eyeshadow quad in 410 Velours D’or from 2010 holiday collection. Then I moved on the swatching the lipsticks available.

I was really excited to see Guerlain’s most luxurious range of Rouge G lipsticks were on sale! I finally decided upon 05 Gracieuse, a gorgeous golden beige.

I also picked up another KissKiss Baby in 240 Honey Nude as I love the KissKiss Baby range of nude lipbalms.

My total haul was quite heavily discounted and these three cost me a fraction of their original retail price, which is as good a deal as you’re ever going to get for Guerlain! Indeed it was a most fruitful Saturday of shopping =)



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  1. U r gonna love the rouge g formula! Nice haul, and getting them on discount? Makes it even better!

    • I just hope I don’t get hooked.. Retail price is seriously too much to even consider.. Thank goodness for discounts!! =P

  2. Oh my! I love it when great brands are discounted, great haul Luna. I must open my wyes and look out for such sales. I think the lippies are the best buys, rouge g are so ex.

    • I couldn’t believe my ears when the SA told me how much the Rouge Gs are on sale!!! I almost wish I was a lipstick person so I’d have reason to get all 3 of the available shades… lol..

  3. I just realised that you made a “beeline” for the “bee” eyeshadow quad :D

  4. […] bought this during a Takashimaya Atrium sale – not only was it at a discounted price, I love the KissKiss Baby range, so it was an awesome […]

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