Sofina Primavista Haul

November 23, 2011 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

When it comes to base makeup, I’m on an eternal quest for a HG primer/base that can satisfy my schizophrenic skin. I’d  heard and read about Sofina Primavista range of bases for quite some time now, and finally took the plunge during my recent trip to Taiwan. SOGO’s annual anniversary sale had lots of great bargains and sets so I took the opportunity to get myself some Sofina Primavista.

I had done my research before hand and knew this was the set I wanted. Which was a good thing as the  crowd at SOGO on the first day of the sale was simply insane! Thankfully I was able to get in and out rather quickly as I already knew what I wanted. This set comes with the Sofina Primavista Long Keep Base UV and the Sofina Primavista Multi Cover Base UV. You also get 3 pieces of Alblanc Medicated White Create Concentrate Mask and Sofina Beaute Cream Makeup Remover.

The retail price of the entire set is 2,772NT ~S$121. However, during the sale, this set was going for only 1,530NT ~S$67!! That’s a whopping 45% discount!

Here’s some pictures of the Sofina brochure that SOGO gave out detailing the great bargains and deals.

Their bestselling products are mainly the Sofina Beaute skincare range and Sofina Primavista base products. With 20% direct discount off the entire Sofina Beaute range, and amazing sets with discounts of up to 55% off retail price, it’s no wonder people queue up at SOGO’s doors the day before the sale.

The great deals and bargains were offered by every beauty brand in SOGO with each brand’s SAs eagerly promoting their products and exclusive sets to you. What was more amazing was that the service remained top-notch even though the SAs were swamped and there were people everywhere. It was a very enjoyable shopping trip and made me wish that our sales in Singapore could be like that too!



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  1. This line any good? :D

    • The base makeup is good! Especially the long keep base, which keeps the oil away for longer, even in this humid tropical heat. I haven’t tried the skincare though..

      • What about the Multi Cover Base? Is it necessary or we can just use a BB cream instead of the multi cover?

      • The multi cover base helps even out skintone and minimise your pores, but oil control isn’t as impressive as long keep base. If you use BB cream as a foundation, then multi cover can be the primer/base. But if you use BB cream as a base for liquid/powder foundation, then you can skip the multi cover.

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