Blush Crush – Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush – For Love of Roses

January 2, 2012 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments

First proper post of the year and of course it’s blushes!!

Recently I showed a sneak peek of my Rouge Bunny Rouge haul from Zuneta and my most eagerly anticipated items were the Original Skin Blushes – For Love Of Roses.

There are 5 shades available on Zuneta, and I purchased 4 of them. I’m missing Delicata.

At £ 25.00 each, these aren’t exactly inexpensive. Which is why I was slightly disappointed with the plastic black packaging. For the price, I’d expect something more luxe or substantial. The floral prints are pretty, but case itself doesn’t feel very sturdy and the lightweight plastic does make it feel rather, dare I say it.. cheap.

Despite my misgivings with the packaging, it’s the actual item that matters most, which is where Rouge Bunny Rouge manages to redeem itself.

(Clockwise from top left: Gracilis, Florita, Habanera and Starina)

Gracilis is “medium rose with a hint of mauve” as described on Zuneta.

Florita is “rich raspberry red” as described on Zuneta.

Starina is “palest coral” as described on Zuneta.

Habanera is “medium, sun-warmed terracotta with a hint of rose” as described on Zuneta.

(From left: Gracilis, Florita, Starina and Habanera)

Swatched in natural light.

(From left: Gracilis, Florita, Starina and Habanera)

Swatched in flash light.

These Original Skin Blush – For Love Of Roses (what a mouthful!) are very smooth and fine, not chalky or powdery at all. They feel almost creamy to touch and I love the texture. They’re pigmented, but difficult to overdo. Layering is your best bet to achieve the intensity you want/need. The glow you get from these blushes is very natural, almost as if you’re cheeks are naturally blushing.

My favorite shade of the lot is Florita which is also the most pigmented shade, followed by Habanera which is amazingly natural. The quality of the product is superb, I just wish they’d paid a bit more attention on the packaging.



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  1. I’m going to haul from Zuneta soon, just have not checked out yet. I’m buying Edward Bess mainly but was looking at RBR too. I love the look of Florita and Habenera too! Thanks for the review. I might not get them now because I’m such a snob when it comes to packaging!

    • I was eyeing Edward Bess too! But wasn’t sure how the prices compare to the US.. buying in pounds scares me a bit.. lol..
      I was rather disappointed with the packaging.. for ~S$50, I really expected better.. but the product itself does make up for it.. somewhat..

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