Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow Quads

January 18, 2012 at 9:08 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

I posted a sneak peek of this on Twitter late last year, but never got around to posting the actual review and swatches till now.

(Clockwise from top left – 004 Green Park, 006 Purple Reign, 002 English Oak & 003 Royal Blue)

I hauled these from ASOS when they were on sale and I had an additional coupon code which added up to quite a bit of savings. I paid £4 each, which is a pretty sweet deal!

They even have a mini diagram at the back of the palette that shows you where each shadow goes.

002 English Oak swatched in natural light.

002 English Oak swatched in flash light.

003 Royal Blue swatched in natural light.

003 Royal Blue swatched in flash light.

004 Green Park swatched in natural light.

004 Green Park swatched in flash light.

006 Purple Reign swatched in natural light.

006 Purple Reign swatched in flash light.

I’ve never bought a Rimmel eyeshadow prior to these, even though we have Rimmel counters in local drugstores. And truth be told, I got these for the cute Union Jack design. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shadows as they were buttery soft and very pigmented. They applied smoothly and have a soft sheen under the light, which you can see from the swatches in flash light.

I have one major gripe too, which is kinda contradictory as it is also the reason why I bought these. The Union Jack design is lovely to look at, but horrendously impractical to use. Other than the main shadow colour of the cross in the middle, all the other little sections are simply too tiny for any self-respecting eyeshadow brush or applicator. Even the long and slim end of the included sponge-tip applicators have trouble getting enough colour for a swatch. Imagine the pain I went through just to get decent swatches. And because the shadows are so soft, I ended up digging gouges in some of the thinnest stripes trying to get enough pigments on the applicator.

Complaints aside, this is a pretty good product for the price, but they seriously gotta work on the practically and usage issues.



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  1. i like green park

  2. Green Park looks lovely! I was thinking of purchasing these too for the design, but didn’t as I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to incorporate all of the colors since some of the sections are so tiny. I could imagine to trouble you went through for the swatches!

    • The really tiny sections are such a pain to use!! But if you can get over it, these are actually not too bad, especially if you can get them for cheap =)

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