Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes 03 Soft Beige

February 8, 2012 at 11:46 pm | Posted in Beauty | Leave a comment

This Spring season, many releases have employed rose motifs, such as Anna Sui’s Rose Cheek Colour I reviewed yesterday. Dior and Lancome also had similar rose-themed products. So Lunasol is right on trend with their Spring Petal/Peach Purification collection.

Having seen the promotional pictures online, I hadn’t been too impressed with this year’s spring collection. Usually the highlight for me, this year’s three eyeshadow palettes failed to impress me. But I was particularly disappointed in the Glowing Powder Cheeks, which comes in a very Benefit-esque cardboard box. I found the whole look and feel of the box blushes out of sync with Lunasol’s brand image.

During my transit at Narita Airport recently, I half-hearted trooped over to the Lunasol counter to have a look, hoping that something would spark my interest. I ended up picking up the Petal Pure Eyes 03 Soft Beige. But truth be told, it was more out of brand loyalty and a weakness for Lunasol than anything else.

To be fair, I also have an unhealthy addiction to neutral palettes, and 03 Soft Beige possibly had my name written all over it.

The four shades are: shimmery ivory, soft peach, cool-toned beige and cool dark brown. It’s certainly not a unique combination of shades from Lunasol or any Japanese brand for sure, but there’s a fresh luminous quality about this quad that made me want to get it.

Swatched in indoor light.

Swatched in flash light.

I wasn’t surprised that the ivory shade turned out to be almost all shimmer/glitter, as there usually is such a shade in Lunasol eyeshadow palettes – the “fairly useless glitter shade”. At least this one doesn’t seem to have too much of a fall-out issue unlike some previous releases. The shimmer adheres well to the eyeshadow base or powder eyeshadow with minimal fall-out.

One redeeming factor is the silky smooth texture, almost creamy actually. Lunasol’s eyeshadow palettes have come a long way since the inconsistencies of the Lighting For Eyes range. This palette is buttery smooth and applies like a dream. The effect is a bright-eye, luminous look that helps mask my sleepy/tired eyes in the morning. This might possibly be why I’m such a sucker for Lunasol. They simply have this ability to help me look more awake than I am, which is becoming increasingly important!

Overall, the Petal/Peach Purification collection is nothing to write home about. Unless you’re a die-hard fan like yours truly, I think there are other Spring collections out there you can pay more attention to.


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