Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream

February 15, 2012 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Beauty | 5 Comments

Even though I’ve still got lots of US-related posts to get through, I wanted to take a break and write about something else, so here’s my review of Hanskin’s Super Snail BB Cream which I’ve been using for some time now.

Anyone with the slightest interest in Korean skincare/makeup brands will have heard of Snail products by now, and I’ve previously reviewed Nature Republic’s Snail Cream.

Hanskin is one of the most reputable BB cream brands from Korea, so when I had the chance, I picked up the Super Snail BB Cream. Having had a good experience with snail skincare, I was curious to try a snail makeup product.

I like the sleek white bottle design, and the hygienic pump dispenser. It’s a lot cleaner and less messy.

The texture is creamy, but not too thick. It spreads very easily and the finish is very glowy and natural. The 2 main features of this BB cream is touted to be Anti-wrinkle and Whitening. It is also quite moisturising, in line with snail products I’ve tried.

My only problem with this is that the shade is way too light for me. Usually BB creams are a shade lighter, which I can still manage to even out. But this one is a lot lighter, at least two shades lighter, which makes it difficult to work with as the shade difference is apparent when I wear this alone. However, I’m loathe to chuck this as I like the dewy, natural glow this gives me. So I decided to experiment with some mix-and-match. Remember my review of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation? That one had a problem of oxidising as the day went by, and I’d been mixing that with lighter shade BB creams anyway. So I decided to try mixing the Hanskin Super Snail BB Cream with the Bourjois Healthy Mix, and voila, I had a good match!

So moral of the story is not to give up on a product! Play around with it, and you might be surprised to find other ways you can use it!



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  1. thank you for the review!
    in fact i like snail cream (well, i had just 1 – by it’s skin) – it’s great for the winter. you know i started using it in…october i guess, and i also thought that it was nothing too special, but when we had -20 C recently i saw finally that my cream protects me so good!

    • The it’s Skin snail cream is a very highly raved one! I’m very tempted to get it to try!
      I’m happy you found that it works great for you! -20 C sounds crazy to me =)

      • this Monday we had even -28 :))) but i decided not to make you scary :))))))
        fortunately we are back to a more comfortable temperature -5 C :)))))

      • The coldest I’ve ever experienced was -12 C and that was pretty tough.. I’m happy I live on the equator when it’s always 25 C and above =)

  2. […] of snail products, Nature Republic’s Snail Therapy Face Cream, Ampoule and Eye Cream, and Hanskin’s Snail BB Cream. I was hooked and purchased Secret Key’s Snail+/EGF Prestige Ampoule during my Gmarket Haul […]

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