The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask

February 28, 2012 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Beauty | 1 Comment

I bought this bubble mask during my Korea trip last year, but had passed it on to someone who was much more interested in it at that time. A while back, I managed to “retrieve” it when it was down to the last couple of uses, just to give it a whirl.

This was a heavily advertised product last year when I was in Korea, and I got it after being brainwashed by the ad starring Lee Seung Gi played incessantly on every other TV channel.

I like the dark purple packaging, and under the cover is a hygienic pump dispenser.

This is about half a pump, one pump is enough for a full face. The bubble mask itself does resemble the shade of a black pearl, but I keep having Pirates of the Caribbean flash backs..

When you spread out the black pearl mask, it starts as a gel like texture and you need to spread it out quickly before it bubbles. You can spread it out quite thinly and it will still work well.

White bubble start forming almost immediately once you spread it out over your face. Here comes the fun part where you leave it alone and let it bubble. The next couple of photos will show you the chronological order of the bubbling.

30s later.

~45s later

~ 1 min later

~2 mins later

The bubbling peaks after about 1.5 mins and you can see the bubbles has become less dense between ~1 min later and ~2 min later. From the side view, you can see the bubbles actually grow to quite an impressive height.

I leave the bubbles/foam on my face for about 10mins, and towards the end, the bubbles subside a bit as it loses the density and shrinks. After 10mins, I simply wash it all of and there’s an instant brightening effect. The effect is not whitening like some other masks, but a very glowy brightening effect. It looks like my skin is lit from within, a very natural look. Unfortunately the glow is temporary as it fades after a day or two. But I’d be concerned if it didn’t.

I haven’t used it long enough to observe any long term effects, but so far I’m quite impressed. I’m definitely looking forward to stocking up on this when I’m in Korea again, and this time I’m not passing it on!


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