Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes LE Set 02 Brown

April 2, 2012 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Beauty | 10 Comments

This is a scheduled post

It’s been awhile since I posted about Japanese drugstore products. Here’s one of my acquisitions from last November’s Taiwan trip.

Lavshuca is one of my favorite Japanese drugstore brands, and I do like to browse their new collections whenever I’m in a country that stocks the brand, Taiwan/Hong Kong or Japan. This is one of two LE sets released late last year.

The usual mini pic-tutorial guide that gives you a basic idea of where each shade is designed to be used.

The set consists of Star Decoration Eyes palette, and a cream shadow base.

Beloved neutral shades.

Yes we can never have enough neutral eyeshadow palettes.

Cream shadow which looks like a glittery gold shade.

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

As suspected, the middle shade of the palette is rather overtly glittery, but with my trusty Art Deco eyeshadow base, I didn’t really have to deal with fallout. I don’t suppose I have to wax lyrical about my love for neutral eyeshadows, and though this isn’t terribly unique, it’s still got a place in my neutral palette line-up!



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  1. off topic comment :)

    I’m curious about your travel skincare\make up case :) how about making a post about it when you are back?

    • Sure! But my travel skincare/makeup is very very minimal as I don’t usually apply makeup on vacation and just bare minimum makeup on business trips =)

      • maybe i can borrow some tips from you?:)
        anyway, i just love this kind of posts…. so if you will be in the right mood – why not? :)

      • haha sure! I’ve been travelling quite often and hardly make changes to my travelling skincare/makeup routine so it’ll be a good post I hope.. =)

      • by the way, to our Kiko’s discussion, I’m going to be in Italy from the 11th of may, so in case you are interested, make a list for me :))

      • Thanks for the heads up! I will!

  2. How’s the Art Deco base? I’ve been curious about it and have always been meaning to purchase, but I have so many bases I’m not sure if it would suffice, lol. I adore Lavshuca! I feel that their shadows have better pigment than most drugstore brands.

    • The Art Deco base is my HG eyeshadow base! best purchase whenever I’m in Europe! Lavshuca is one of my favorite drugstore brands too! Kate/MM have been pretty disappointing lately, at least Lavshuca keeps it interesting!

      • Is it tacky or does it apply smoothly? If only I can just fly to Europe and get it lol. I’ve always heard good things about. Is it affordable dear? I agree! Kate/MM have been really boring lately that I haven’t kept up with the collections much anymore. Shame too as they’re quite good brands.

      • It applies very smoothly with a brush, which I use for hygiene factor as it’s in a pot packaging. I bought mine awhile ago in Europe, but I remember it to be very affordable. I don’t know about prices in the US though..
        I’m really hoping Kate/MM get their act together soon and bring us some refreshing new collections! Enough of the same boring shades in a different layout!

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