Seoul Happy!!

April 12, 2012 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Beauty | 11 Comments

Corny title I know..

But the gist of it is that I’m heading to Seoul this weekend!!  I know it seems like I’m travelling a lot, but after this Seoul trip, I’m likely to be grounded for some time. This trip is a vacation trip, so no work for me!! Just lots of food, shopping, sightseeing and awesome company =)

(Picture from Google Images)

I’ve been crazy busy this week with work, with just five days in between trips, so I’m afraid I haven’t had the time to schedule any posts for next week. Do check out some of my previous posts that you might have missed, and you know I’ll have an awesome haul post when I get back =P



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  1. mmm…. i wish i could go to Korea too! so many shops, so many brands i want to see! have a perfect trip!!!

    • If there’s anything in particular you want, let me know today! I can get it and send it together with the powder when I get back!

      • don’t worry dear! arrrgh i don’t have ANYTHING in my mind on Friday morning :))))) all i need is a cup of coffee :)))

      • hehehe when your mind has woken up, you can think about it. I’ll be leaving Saturday morning =P

  2. Have a great trip Luna, I’ll be looking forward to your trip photos.

  3. bring back my fiance for me ok? hahahaha i look forward to seeing you and ah long lah! *hugs* stay safe and have fun!

    • hahahaha the most I bring back picture of him lor.. I dunno where to go find him even.. Yah! hopefully Ah long will bring me to go visit you soon.. lollll….

      • WHEN??? I DEMAND TO KNOW! :P

      • You demand from Ah Long lah.. I am just the Ya Tou.. =P

      • aiyo you no good lahhhh

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