Korea 2012 Haul Part 2 (Final)

May 2, 2012 at 9:38 pm | Posted in Beauty | 13 Comments
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Compared to last year when I had a grand total of 5 haul posts, this year seems remarkably tame as this is the second and final part of my haul post for my Korea 2012 trip. There are some items which are not featured as they’re CPs or intended as gifts so I had already packed them separately or already given them away. I do qualify though that even if the quantity of actual purchases seem lesser, this year I did end up buying from higher-end brands and had more large-value buys from counter brands.

First up is Sooryehan, a mid-range brand which can be found both at select DFS counters and also drugstores. I bought 3 base makeup items from Olive Young which was running a discount on most Sooryehan products, and the Whitening set from Beaute store in Myeongdong.

The Sooryehan Bichaek Whitening set was a pretty good buy as Beaute was running a 30% discount on the entire set. I was also sucked in by the lovely packaging.

I’m always on the look out for sun protection products, so I picked up Sooryehan’s Bichaek  Sun Block Cream (white box). I also picked up Sooryehan Onbit Essence Foundation (top left) and Sooryehan Onbit Cover Make-up (bottom left) as they came in a shade 25, which is quite unusual for Korean brands which usually have only shades 21, 23.

I had a CP request for Ohui’s bestselling Cell Power No.1 Serum so off I went to Lotte DFS store to pick it up. They had a special set with one full-size product and one refill set, which looked like a pretty good deal so I got that.

The History of Whoo counter was right next to Ohui and while waiting for the SA to process my details for the duty free price, I decided to splurge and get the Whitening Sun BB even though it was so expensive I’d originally put it on my back-up shopping list. Good thing I got a discount on purchases at Lotte DFS by using my Visa Platinum Credit Card. lol..

Finally, the single largest purchase of my entire trip, in terms of value – Su:M 37 Set which came with the Water-full Gel Cream, Water-full Skin Refresher, Water-full Rebalancing Gel Lotion and their highly-raved Secret Programming Essence. For the uninitiated, Su:m37 is a high-end counter fermentation brand. Their star product – the Secret Programming Essence has been compared to SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence, and truth be told, they’re in a similar price range – just to give you an idea.

I had a CP request for the Water-full products, so when I saw the set available at JDC Duty Free at Jeju Airport, I decided to grab it since it came with a good discount and I had wanted to try the Secret Programming Essence anyway. The set allowed me to fulfill both my CP request and get a product I’d wanted to try at a discounted price. Win-win situation!!

Sorry to say after these big-ticket items, my wallet was reeling from “blood loss” and I’d gotten most of my shopping list so I was happy to spend the rest of my money on food. Those who follow me on Instagram can attest to the flooding of my timeline with delicious Korean food.. lol..

I had an awesome time in Korea this year, and spending time in gorgeous Jeju made this year’s trip even more special. I’d definitely recommend visiting Seoul and Jeju to anyone who’s even remotely interested. The culture, food, shopping and sights are simply amazing!



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  1. this is the most interesting part! :)

  2. when is our trip going to happen? :D :D :D

    • Must ask Ah Long lor.. i am only Ya Tou =P

      • horrible la u

      • where are we suppose to go again? LOL

      • anywhere! everywhere!

      • ahlong… luna say got promo in Nov for TW trip!!

  3. haha glad to see you finally caved in for some sooryehan, sum, and whoo!

    it wont disappoint you trust me! how much discount do we get for the visa platinum?

    • hahaha you’re very inspiring!!
      10% discount with Visa platinum, 15% for Visa infinite/signature

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