Blush Crush – Gino McCray Blush Coral & Little Rose

May 7, 2012 at 11:52 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments

My love for blush is well-documented, and my friends occasionally bring me back something when they travel. These Gino McCray blushes were a gift from a dear friend who picked them up while she was in Bangkok, Thailand some time ago.

Gino McCray is a brand available at Beauty Buffet stores in Bangkok, and I’d seen them around before while I was in Bangkok previously. But I never bought anything as I wasn’t familiar with the brand.

She got me two shades, No.2 Blush Coral and No.3 Little Rose.

The packaging is quite cute, black and pink never goes wrong.

The product description and ingredients list.

Open up, and you see the good-size blush and brush, but sadly no mirror in the compact. The designs on the blush are quite cute though.

No.2 Blush Coral is a peachy shade, quite natural looking, but without much coral, as the name might have suggested.

No.3 Little Rose is a sweet pink shade that again doesn’t have much rose as the name suggested. I’m beginning to suspect they picked names at random..

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

These were surprisingly pigmented and smooth to apply. They were a little powdery, but I had no major issues with that. However, they did tend to fade after about 6 hours, so they didn’t make it through a normal work day with me. As I don’t have a habit of touching up my makeup during the day, I’d only wear these out when I know I’m only out for a couple of hours.

According to my friend, these were very affordable which was why she could afford getting two for me (lol..) and the SA told her these were the more popular shades. So for those of you heading to Bangkok, you might want to check them out at Beauty Buffet if you have the chance.



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  1. just adore your posts about blushes :)))
    did you see mine about RMK blush?

    • Thanks!!
      I did! It looks great on you! I haven’t been buying RMK because they’re quite overpriced here, but I’ve heard their blushes are very much improved now =)

  2. confirm the RMK blushes are pretty! their prices here in msia is quite competitive with TW prices. if you want you let me know la i go buy!

    • hahah no need lah.. I dunno why I not much interest in RMK also..

      • hahaha i only got 1 blush and i am satisfied d. :D

      • hahaha we go Bkk and see somemore!

      • yes!! so fun la thinking of it!

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