Missha M BB Boomer

May 15, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

Missha was one of the first Korean brands to enter the Singapore market, and I remember using and loving their BB creams way before the entire BB cream craze exploded. Naturally, I also picked up the Missha M BB Boomer, which is a BB primer to be used before BB cream to enhance the longevity of the BB cream.

This was CPed for me awhile ago, and I’ve had it in my base/primer rotation for some time.

I wanted to love it like I love Missha’s BB creams, but unfortunately this falls into the “nothing great to write home about” category. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. Perhaps I had too high expectations, and honestly, it’s not a terrible product, just not awesome.

It looks/feels like a lightweight primer with a pearlescent glow, which is noticeable as soon as you dispense any of the product.

The glow is actually very nice and subtle, not disco-ball shimmery at all. It works pretty good to brighten up your face and give you a natural glow. If you’ve got awesome skin, wearing this alone would work as a cream highlighter.

Unfortunately I don’t have awesome skin so I have to top it off with another BB cream/foundation which covers up the lovely glow. Without the glow, the BB Boomer is still an average primer. Nothing spectacular about it’s oil-control/moisturising/longevity enhancing properties. It’s simply an average product.

So I tried using it as a highlighter over my BB cream/foundation, on my cheekbones, and the result was a dewy glowy finish. Unfortunately, my oily/combi skin dictates I set my makeup with a pressed/loose powder, which again cover the lovely glow. I would have loved to find a way to have the glowiness work for me, because as a simple primer, it really isn’t anything special. I’ve taken to mixing this with my BB cream before applying, and it does work to a certain extent, but I still feel like I’m missing out on the glow.

So as much as I wanted to love this product, the Missha M BB Boomer is a tough nut for me to crack. I’ll keep trying and would love to hear from you if you’ve managed to make this work for you!



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  1. i like this primer, right now i have the ony by Etude House but when it’s over i will buy again Missha ^)

    • I prefer Missha’s BB cream to this primer.. This is just average for me =(

      • but BB you put on the primer? i mean these are not the equal products…

        boomer helps me with concealing of the pigmentation. only after i used it for this purpose i got the idea of it :)

      • I use the BB over the primer =) what I meant is I love Missha’s BB creams, but not so much love for this primer..

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