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You must think I’m crazy for this Gmarket Haul barely a month after I returned from Korea. But in my defense, this order was requested by my friends and colleagues and I just tagged along. lol.. Believe it or not, it’s actually my first time ordering directly from Gmarket. I’ve taken part in sprees before and tagged along with other friends’ orders. But this marks the momentous occasion as my inaugural Gmarket haul!

It came in a huge box even though it wasn’t all that heavy. I’d heard about Gmarket’s insane packing/shipping methods so I wasn’t terribly surprised that this huge box arrived even though it only contained 7 little items.

As expected, mini little boxes packed into the huge box. I’d initially placed an order with 10 items but along the way, several got cancelled =(

Seller: here

The largest box contained It’s Skin products which I got during the sale they had on their official shop on Gmarket.

I’d been lusting after the Prestige Creme d’Escargot for the longest time but it was too bulky/heavy to carry home from Korea, plus I knew it’d eventually go on sale on Gmarket so I waited patiently.

I got the Prestige Serum d’Escargot too as I wanted to try out the whole set. This comes with the Prestige Serum Eye d’Escargot too!

My friend wanted to try out the It’s Skin Vita +5 Program Creams as they were really affordable during the sale so she ordered Vita B for trouble care, sebum control and Vita C for brightening and firming.

The order came with a bunch of Vita C and Vita E sample tubes, perfect for travel! The Macaron Lip Balm was a gift with any purchase of It’s Skin products. It looks really cute!!

They also included the Fermented Floral Water Whitening Trial Kit as a freebie. Awesome!

Seller: here

These 2 Laneige Dark Circle Concealer Kits in #1 and #2 were requested by my colleague, and I’m not convinced this was the cheapest available. I simply ordered from the link she provided so you should probably shop around for a better deal. This seller also didn’t provide any additional samples.

Seller: here

I love my Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB Base so I was definitely interested when Sulwhasoo launched the Evenfair makeup range. Imagine my happiness when I discovered that the Evenfair Smoothing Foundation actually comes in a B03 Deep Beige shade! I’m a shade darker than most Korean brand’s shade 23 or shade 2 depending on the numbering, so when I saw that B03 Deep Beige is supposedly for tanner skintones, I definitely had to give it a try!

Though it was my first time ordering from Gmarket and several items got cancelled, I have to say the entire process went pretty smoothly. Of course I’d done my research prior, reading online tutorials, tips and others’ experiences with Gmarket. I also asked for advice from friends who’d placed orders successfully before. Now that I’ve tried it out myself, I can definitely see why Gmarket is so addictive!



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  1. hahahaha nice haul ! hope u like the foundation! i did!

    • I’m really looking forward to the foundation! So rare to have a shade for tanner skintones =)

  2. my first gmarket haul was also about prestige by it’s skin!!! :)))
    i’m curious about ABSOLUTELLY EVERYTHING from your haul! really! especially eye cream prestige escargot and the foundation!

    • High Five! It’s Skin’s Prestige creme d’Escargot was the main item I want to order!
      I’ll try the Foundation and review it soon!

      • will be waiting!

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  6. i have read every single post in your blog. They are very interesting. Really help me to decide what to buy when at korea. Thank you~^^♥

    • Thanks!! So glad my posts helped you =)

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