Gmarket Haul #2

June 25, 2012 at 11:12 pm | Posted in Beauty | 16 Comments
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Now that I’ve sorta kinda gotten the hang of ordering from Gmarket, there’s simply no stopping me. I gathered some orders from friends and colleagues, enough to make the shipping worth it, and happily placed my second order in two months.

The box that arrive was so humongous my parents texted me while I was at work to let me know that “a person could have fit into it”. lol..

But look how empty and spacious the contents actually are! That’s such a terribly uneconomical way of shipping! All that wasted space..

Seller: here

Seller: here

Seller: here

Seller: here

Believe it or not, these five bags were all ordered by the same friend. I was really impressed by the quality and they looked really good, for the very affordable price she paid for them.

Seller: here

Seller: here

The Saem store was having a sale, though strangely enough the English site’s store was deleted. I had to go through the korean site, which added a bit more hassle in translating, but at least it worked.

I wanted to try out a vibration foundation, which is one of the newest craze sweeping through Korea. In case I didn’t like it, I decided to try a mass market brand first. I did some research on the comparisions, and decided to get The Saem’s Gem Miracle Motion BB Foundation, as the vibrating brush can be used separately from the BB pact.

This Celebrity Cream is one of The Saem’s hit products, and it was ordered by a friend. The multi-coloured capsules you see are actual real beads suspended in the gel cream and each represents a gemstone! This cream looks absolutely gorgeous in real life!

Seller: here

My colleague is a fan of Laneige’s Water Bank series and she wanted to get the new-ish Water Bank Eye Gel to try.

Seller: here

Seller: here

These eye creams by Skin 79 and a brand I can’t understand, were ordered by a friend of mine. I can’t believe how cheap the Skin79  Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus is! The shipping per item cost more than the item itself!

Seller: here

The same friend order these Dr Jart V7 Vitalaser 2.1 and she was raving about how awesome they are!

Seller: here

This Mamonde Floral Emulsion was also ordered by the same friend, and it’s also very affordable for such a large bottle!

Seller: here

Seller: here

I liked the Sooryehan stuff I got from Korea, even though I’ve been living off the samples for awhile now, so when I saw on Hope’s blog about these two new products meant for anti-aging, me and my friend decided to give them a go. After all, anti-aging is going to be our new key phrase!

The Sooryehan Choyun Oxalis Essence which works like a first care serum to be used right after cleansing.

The Sooryehan Choyun Calendura Cream for hydrating and firming.

Seller: here

This product is currently out of stock with this seller, so I’m really glad I managed to order it while it was instock, and at a huge discount from retail price. The seller was really generous with samples too! That’s a bunch of Ohui samples you see there. Summer is the time for Whitening products is it not? =P

Seller: here

And finally, the Hannule Hydrapeak Serum, for oily/combination skin. When I first read about this on Hope’s blog, I practically heard it screaming my name. Since the season of relentless heat has befallen us here in Singapore, this is definitely coming in handy.

This haul was significantly larger than Haul #1 and my first time ordering non-beauty related items. For someone who doesn’t read Korean at all, ordering the bags required a lot of concentration and thank god for the Translation tool in Firefox! I’m both glad and not-so-glad that I’m on my way to figuring out Gmarket. Glad to have access to a whole new world of shopping, but not-so-glad for my poor wallet. I’m working on sharing the hauls with my friends/colleagues so that I won’t go crazy ordering a whole bunch of stuff myself, and it does help make shipping a much better deal when you get more items.

So spread the word! Join in the fun that is Gmarket!! =)



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  1. great haul!!!!

  2. Does that mean we should order even more to fill out all that emptiness in the box?! I want to try bags and tops next :P

    • hahahaha yes! Must fill everything up! The bags my friend ordered are quite nice and affordable! I was tempted too =)

  3. The Saem’s Gem Miracle Motion BB looks fascinating. Korea really knows how to make gimmicky foundations- I’m still trying to decide what the hype behind the bb cushion is, I’ll have to add this to the list of odd foundation things to try! Pity that so many k brands are hard to get hold of if one can’t order from gmarket (shipping and customs fees are too much for me :( )- it looks like fun to haul from there!

    • I find the Koreans’ constant new craze quite fascinating, it’s always one thing or the other! My colleague was desperate to try the Hera UV Cushion, but it keeps getting cancelled!

      Gmarket is really an awesome place to shop for Korean stuff, whether beauty/lifestyle/fashion… =)

  4. how is the performance of Laneige’s eye gel? I am interested to know more about it :)

    • My colleague is a big fan of the Water Bank range from Laneige and she really likes this eye cream too. According to her, it’s nice and moisturising for the undereye area, without being too rich or creamy. Hope this helps =)

  5. Great haul!
    I’m so curious and intrigued about the vibrating BB cream lol, let us know how you get on :)

    Love G-Market! XD

    • Thanks! I am super excited to use it – it looks like fun =)

  6. […] been a lot of interest in The Saem Gem Miracle Motion BB Foundation which I purchased during my Gmarket Haul #2. Today’s review is focused on the vibrating machine, and not so much the BB that comes with […]

  7. Hello! How did you estimate your shipping weight? I have been wanting to try Gmarket, but trying to figure out the shipping weight is really a pain!

    • Hi! It’s really simple as Gmarket calculates the estimated shipping for you once you select your country.
      Go to your Shopping Cart>> below the total price, select your country>> Estimated Worldwide Shipping Fee is automatically calculated based on your country and the estimated weight of your items =)

      Hope this helps!!

  8. Hi! Have you tryed Sooryehan Choyun line? Do you like it?

    • The essence is really good! It’s hydrating without being too heavy or makes my skin oily. The cream I prefer to use at night as it’s a little to rich for day use on my oily skin. It makes my skin feel really smooth and keeps it moist throughout the night!

      Hope this helps =)

  9. […] purchased this in my Gmarket Haul #2 after reading about the Sooryehan Choyun line on Hope in a Blog. The Choyun line targets women in […]

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