Insta-Week #7 + Staycation Edition

July 29, 2012 at 8:03 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments



Some photos from my Instagram this past week, including my weekend staycation at the Marina Bay Sands.

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  1. My dear, how did you find the quality of service at MBS?

    • My gf’s uncle had a complimentary room from his casino visits, so I can’t say much about general room service since we didn’t go through the regular check-in/out. I was really looking forward to the skypark/pool, but it was soooo crowded and full of screaming kids splashing around that it simply wasn’t relaxing.. disappointing to say the least. The room itself was quite lovely, I’m kicking myself for not getting a Lush bathbomb! The bathtub was sooo enticing..

      It was also a bit difficult to get food as there isn’t a whole lot of affordable eateries in MBS, the foodcourt prices are pretty steep too.. Having to fight with the NDP crowd on Saturday night didn’t help either.. We only managed to get a seated at Din Tai Fung after 1hour..

      I suppose I shouldn’t complain since I didn’t have to pay for the room, but it honestly wasn’t as relaxing or chill as I hoped.. But general service was alright..

  2. Hello! I love TWG’s earl grey ice cream. It tastes yummy! I stayed at MBS before and I found the service was crappy especially the check in counters. I payed for the room and they have promised the room to be ready at 3.. and guess what? It’s not ready at 3. I was very dissatisfied and don’t think I will ever stay there again.

    • Hi! I found the TWG Earl Grey too sweet and chocolatey.. I tried a couple of other flavours before going with their bestseller Napolean tea! I think I’d probably be more dissatisfied if I had to pay for the room, but since it was complimentary.. I’m sure there are better places for a staycation =)

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