H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex

August 15, 2012 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments

I’m a chronic insomniac which has led to pretty dire eye situations, dark circles that extend into my cheekbones, puffy eye bags, fine lines, dryness.. you name it.. Eye cream is definitely a must.

I started on this H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex a while ago, after completing my Guerlain eye cream. I picked this up in the US for about US$30+, which I think is a good bit more affordable than the retail price in Singapore. I wanted to try something hydrating but light, and this looked perfect.

I love how moisturising this feels, and the super light texture makes it awesome to use in this tropical heat. The packaging isn’t the most hygienic as you have to either use a spatula or dip your fingers in to reach the product. I’ve been using this as a night eye cream, and it works really well to keep my eye area hydrated without any sticky feeling.

However, it doesn’t seem to do much else besides hydration, I didn’t see any lightening of my dark circles and it didn’t help my eyebags look any less puffy. I don’t think it’s meant to do any of that, but I wish it did. So to help with all those other problems, I’ve paired it up with a day eye cream that proclaims to help brighten, and reduce lines. If only I can have the best of both worlds =)



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  1. […] like the tube packaging with its needle-nose opening much more than a pot packaging like H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex which I like enough to overlook the unhygienic […]

  2. […] Even the contents looks almost identical to the Night Gelly. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Night Eye Gelly works in a similar way as the Night Gelly – as a sleeping mask for the eye area. It’s a thick gel texture which is light enough without being sticky, while providing sufficient moisture overnight. The brightening effect is almost negligible, but I mostly blame that on my insomnia. However, it’s a very decent night eye mask and my eye are is kept nicely moist throughout the night which does help prevent fine lines. It’s a decent and more affordable replacement for my other night eye gel H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex. […]

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