Skinfood Black Egg Pore Serum

August 21, 2012 at 10:50 pm | Posted in Beauty | 10 Comments

Cursed with oily skin and pore problems, I’m always on the look out for mattifying products and anything to help conceal my pores/imperfections. This Skinfood Black Egg Pore Serum was purchased for me from Korea by my colleague sometime last year, and I’m finally getting down to reviewing it.

I used to love Skinfood, it was one of the first few Korean skincare brands that made it to Singapore and I got my Korean brand start using their products! But the range/availability of Korean brands has since exploded and Skinfood kinda fell off the radar for me. This Black Egg Pore Serum brought me back full circle and reminded me of how much I used to love Skinfood products.

I don’t quite know what they mean by Black Egg. I’m assuming it doesn’t mean an egg that has gone bad since no way that sounds attractive for skincare. Perhaps century egg (preserved egg which is an Asian delicacy)? Anyhow, the promise of a powdery finish that tighten enlarged pores while controlling excessive sebum and oiliness certainly sounds attractive to me.

The bottle is quite cute, resembling a futuristic egg.

Comes with a pump dispenser which helps keep things hygienic.

The serum is a translucent gel which spread easily and absorbs very quickly. As promised, it dries down in a powdery, matte finish after just a minute or so. I was pretty impressed by the oil control of this serum, it managed to keep my face matte for a longer period of time than usual. I only started to detect shine well into 7 hours, which is certainly something to rejoice about.

Skinfood’s Black Egg Pore Serum has revived my love for Skinfood and I’m off to scour their website for more products to try!



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  1. wow. great result! and great design of the bottle!

  2. Thanks for the review! I can’t wait to buy this XD ~ But can it be used daily o.O

    • Yup this can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine =)

  3. like your review. :) does pore tightening effect work long lasting or temporarily? and can it be combined with another skin care product?

    • Thanks! Sadly the pore tightening effect was quite minimal.. This serum was much better as mattifying and smoothing serum as the oil control was pretty good. I incorporated this into my skincare routine as a serum, which I use after my toner/lotion and before moisturiser. So definitely it works with other skincare products =)

  4. Hi! Nice review! I have the same problem with my face and I would like to try this one. BTW is it okay to apply BB cream after the serum? Thanks!

    • Yup, definitely ok to apply Bb cream over this.. I simply incorporated this serum into my daily skincare routine and kept the other steps too =)

      • Alright! This is definitely the next skincare on my list! Thank you so much! :-)

      • You’re welcomed =)

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