Blush Crush – Becca Wild Honey

August 28, 2012 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

Since I enjoy Becca’s mineral blush in Sweetpea quite a lot, I decided to pick up another shade in Wild Honey.

This was purchased from Zuneta quite some time ago, before they revised their shipping policy.. Bring back the free international shipping!!

There’s four shade available from the range, with Wild Honey and Sweetpea sharing the same ingredients list while Flowerchild and Damselfly share another set of ingredients.

I’ve been warned that the rubbery packaging can get pretty nasty in the humid tropics that is Singapore, but so far so good for me and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Wild Honey is described as a “Peachy Nude” on Zuneta, and I think they’ve pretty much hit it on the head.

Here it is side by side with Sweetpea on the right. They look kinda similar at first glance, but you can see that Wild Honey on the left is more peachy whild Sweetpea on the right is more rosey.

Wild Honey swatched.

Left: Wild Honey, Right: Sweetpea

Once swatched side by side, the differences between the two shades are quite apparent. You can’t go wrong with a natural nude blush that’s pigmented and long lasting. Now I’m looking forward to trying out Flowerchild and Damselfly which are the brighter golden pink and coral shades!



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  1. Seems like you really like Becca products. Wild Honey looks like a really nice natural blush.

    • I do! Becca has some awesome natural looking products and they’re pretty long lasting too! =)

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