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It’s been awhile since my last Gmarket Haul #2 back in June, and I finally gathered enough orders from friends/colleagues to make it worth the shipping. This one’s pretty epic too as we added stationery and clothes to our haul!

As usual, a huge ass box arrived, just 3 days after shipping out from Gmarket HQ in Korea. My family’s no longer shocked to see such large boxes arrive on our doorstep =P

And as usual, plenty of wasted space as Gmarket HQ simply packs all the little boxes from each seller into a larger one instead of unpacking from each little box and consolidating. Sighs..

After removing each individual box and stacking them up, doesn’t look like that much does it?

Seller: here

This Hera UV Mist Cushion was the single most anticipated item of the entire haul. My colleague has been lusting after this product since it was launched in April earlier this year. It was completely wiped out from counters when we were in Korea in April, and proved to be very elusive even on Gmarket as our previous orders got cancelled as it was OOS from various sellers. Thankfully, after 5 months, we finally managed to get our hands on it.. I do hope it’s worth the wait =P

Seller: here

After hearing all the rave reviews about Cushion Foundations, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get Su:m 37’s Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation. With SPF46/PA++, I hope that this will be a convenient all-in-one foundation product that I can have with me on the go.

Seller: here

Seller: here

Seller: here

These three products were all purchased from the same seller, but I’ve listed their individual pages for ease of navigating. Lirikos is a marine-based brand touted to have been inspired by La Mer. My friend wanted to try out Lirikos’ version of the cushion foundation so we picked up the Lirikos Marine UV Water Cushion. Since each of the Hera, Su:m 37 and Lirikos Cushion Foundations come with a separately packaged refill cushion, there’s some talk about swapping them around to try =P

The same friend picked up Lirikos’ Marine Sheer Water BB to try a more conventional type of BB from Lirikos. The little vial on the right is Su:m 37’s Water-Full Triple Story Ampoule which I picked up to try as I’ve grown to become a fan of Su:m 37’s Water-Full range. This seller had it going for pretty cheap, but it didn’t come with a box, instead it was securely wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to protect it during transit.

I highly recommend this seller as they’re always very generous with samples. This order, they included a generous amount of Ohui samples which I can’t wait to try!

Seller: here

Seller: here

Secret Key was running some pretty awesome promotions, so we decided to pick up two of the promotional sets they had and share the products around.

This Snail+EGF Repairing Set was a really awesome deal as you get 7 products in total!! We’re all pretty hooked on snail products so we’re looking forward to trying these out.

The White Pearl Illuminating set was going for an attractive price for four products and my friend was itching to try the essence, so we picked that up as well. Strangely enough, the set we got came with a Pure Lady Inner Cleanser – feminine hygiene product instead of the White Pearl Illuminating Cleansing Foam shown online. But since we weren’t terribly interested in the cleanser to begin with, we didn’t want to make a fuss. Perhaps they ran out of stock for the Cleanser? At least they tried to replace it with something else.. lol..

Seller: here

Seller: here

To round out the Snail+EGF set, we separately ordered the Secret Key Snail+EGF Prestige Ampoule as well. My friend was also intrigued by the Secret Key Night Repair Ampoule which is almost a dead ringer for Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair in terms of packaging. We’ll see if the product is as close a match as the packaging..

Seller: here

And finally we move on from the skincare/beauty portion of the haul. Straight into my new love – stationery!! I’m still pretty deep in my masking tape phase, so I picked up four different designs of duo pack masking tape so that makes 8 rolls in total. They’re not inexpensive if you factor in shipping, but I really liked some of the designs.

Seller: here

Another friend picked up these super cute sheets of stickers and the selection available is simply mind-boggling. I had to curb myself before I too succumbed to the lure of stickers.. lol..

Seller: here

I was browsing some of the top sellers from Gmarket’s main page when I came across this seller which stocked motorcycle bags inspired by Balenciaga. I’ve always admired Balenciaga bags, but knowing how rough I can be with my bags, flinging them around and leaving them lying on the floor, I shelved the idea of splurging on one. So I did the next best thing and got myself a Balenciaga inspired bag at a price which I wouldn’t feel much heartache for when I manhandle it. I don’t know enought about the real Balenciagas to be able to tell how closely inspired this is, but I love the colour and oversized studs!

Seller: here

While browsing the previous Gmarket shop, one link led to another and I found myself staring at this Mulberry inspired bag. Again I don’t know Mulberry enough to differentiate the level of inspiration behind this, but I simple fell in love with the colour. I’m sure you can tell that blue is my favourite colour so whenever I come across shades of blue I like, I just can’t help myself. This would make an awesome go-to-work bag as the material feels really soft and it is very well-made. I’d be able to tote my documents and even my laptop around in this.

Seller: here

Last but not least, my friend ordered several pieces of clothing from popular Gmarket shop RealCoco. The prices are really affordable and reviews suggest that quality is decent. I’m wary of ordering clothes online without being able to try them on, but who knows, I might cave in in the near future =P

Now that I’ve had several successful Gmarket hauls under my belt, I’m feeling more confident navigating the intricacies of Gmarket where the Korean words and hundreds of options (in Korean) no longer scare me into abandoning my shopping cart. Glad to have friends/colleagues who join me in my shopping sprees to share in the guilt joy and shipping fees. I can totally see how Gmarket can be addictive!

Anyone else love Gmarket like we do?



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  1. Your hauls are so drool worthy. Can see you are crazy about skincare items.

    • hee.. I’ve been on a skincare kick for awhile now.. love that I have like minded friends to share stuff with!!

  2. Great haul! I needed ideas to figure out what to get from Korea.

    • Are you heading to Korea?! The choices are limitless! hee..

  3. How is the color for the Hera UV Mist Cushion?

    • My colleague bought that and the C23 shade looks very natural on her NC20-25 skintone. =)

  4. […] Korean skincare/cosmetics brands are always way ahead of the trend and always coming up with new and novel ways to capture attention and $$ from consumers. The next big thing after vibrating foundations was the era of the cushion foundations. Every self-respecting brand was either on, or soon jumped on that bandwagon and released their own version. In Singapore, Laneige launched the Snow BB Soothing Cushion (which surprisingly wasn’t launched in Korea), but that seems to be the only version we have. Nonetheless, with the help of Gmarket, I got my hands on the Su:m 37 Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation 02 during my Gmarket Haul #3. […]

  5. […] The snail product craze hasn’t quite gone away since it began a couple of seasons ago, so I suppose it’s here to stay? I for one have found them pretty useful, some more than others of course. I’ve tried a variety of snail products, Nature Republic’s Snail Therapy Face Cream, Ampoule and Eye Cream, and Hanskin’s Snail BB Cream. I was hooked and purchased Secret Key’s Snail+/EGF Prestige Ampoule during my Gmarket Haul #3. […]

  6. […] this Lirikos product from my Gmarket Haul #3? My friend passed it to me to try some time ago, and I was quite excited to venture into a new […]

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