Guerlain Meteorites Perles Du Dragon

November 19, 2012 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

My first purchase for any holiday is more often than not something from Duty Free Shops. In my opinion, Changi Airport has one of the best DFS shopping experiences in the world, and I always look forward to checking in early so that I can spend some time at the shops before boarding. This is what I picked up before my recent flight to Taipei.

Guerlain is one of my favorite brands and I always look forward to each release. I’ve been collecting Guerlain’s cult favorite Meteorites for some time now, so naturally I had to add Perles Du Dragon to my collection.

I love the oriental feel of Guerlain’s Holiday 2012 collection, and it just managed to catch the tail end of the year of the Dragon, so I simply couldn’t miss this. I debated about getting the Liu palette, but lipstick/eyeshadow palettes are really not my cup of tea so I passed.

Love the gold and black packaging!

Perles Du Dragon has meteorites in shades of white, gold, pink, champagne, plum and rose. As with other Meteorites, the effect is a translucent glow that’s hard to describe or swatch, but just makes my complexion look extra good whenever I wear it. Meteorites can be used as a highlighter or a finishing powder, and though each tin may have different shades, the overall effect is almost indistinguishable.

This is my Meteorites collection to-date, and it’s not the most extensive, and highly impractical, but I love each one of them as only a collector will.

There is no rational explanation for collecting Meteorites so I shan’t attempt, but I’m sure fellow makeup hoarders/collectors will understand =P



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  1. They look lovely together. And nope you don’t have to explain, I understand. :)

  2. i have 3 tins of meteorites and I am still going to collect more! haha, looking forward to Spring 2013 launch!

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