Shiseido Perfect Gel

January 3, 2013 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Beauty | 1 Comment

I bought the Shiseido Perfect series in Hong Kong’s Duty Free Shops last year, and now that it’s available in Singapore’s Watsons, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

Perfet Gel is meant to be used as a gel cleanser and makeup remover which u can tissue off after dissolving your makeup.

These were swatches from my MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Undressed review and as eye makeup is usually the toughest to remove, I decided to use these swatches to show the cleansing power of Perfect Gel.

The lighter shades dissolve fairly easily but the darker shades requires more effort.

After some more rubbing, most of the swatches have dissolved away, except for some smidgeon of the darkest shades. But I did have to put some effort into rubbing the swatches so I wouldn’t really recommend using this to clean of eye makeup as your eye area is too sensitive for such vigorous rubbing.

I like using Perfect Gel when I’m just wearing light makeup (ie. no eye makeup). It does a good job of dissolving my base makeup and blush which I can then either rinse off or wipe off with a tissue. I’m a believer of double cleansing so I always follow up with a foam cleanser. For a gel cleanser, Perfect Gel does a good job, but don’t try to make it multi-task too hard for you. Stick to using a eye/lip makeup remover and maybe an oil cleanser when you’re wearing heavier makeup.


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