Blush Crush – Becca Damselfly + Becca Mineral Blush Collection Swatches

January 7, 2013 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Beauty | 7 Comments

You can catch up on my love for Becca’s mineral blushes Flowerchild, Wild Honey and Sweet Pea at their individual reviews, but needless to say I was on a roll and not about to stop.

Damselfly is described as a bright coral, and I just couldn’t resist.

Damselfly isn’t the brightest coral I’ve seen, but it’s still a lovely shade that looks natural, which is pretty much Becca’s brand image.

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

Damselfly applies very naturally, and is a coral shade for beginners if you’re afraid of the more vibrant and pigmented corals out there. It can be applied sheer or layered for intensity, pretty much a foolproof shade.

I decided to bring out my entire Becca Mineral Blush collection and it’s easy to see a theme of natural shades that is easily wearable no matter the occasion.

(from left: Damselfly, Flowerchild, Wild Honey and Sweet Pea)

Swatched in natural light.

(from left: Damselfly, Flowerchild, Wild Honey and Sweet Pea)

Swatched in flashlight.

These are all awesome blushes for everyday wear and you won’t go wrong with any of these if you’re looking for something natural and foolproof. Whenever I’m in a rush, I know I can pick up any of my Becca blushes and it’ll just work.



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  1. Oh my what a lovely stash of Becca blushes. I agree they are of great quality, I just can’t get past the packaging. Sigh.

    • I haven’t had problems with the packaging.. *cross fingers*

  2. how do u find the texture? smooth? i am eyeing sweet pea, lol

    • Very good quality! Pigmented and smooth.. Sweet Pea is very natural looking!

  3. damselfly and flowerchild is pretty! looks like colours i would wear too :D

    • Buy Damselfly! Buy all!

      • lol you and your buy all schemes! :P

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