From Russia, with Love

January 10, 2013 at 11:27 pm | Posted in Beauty | 6 Comments
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One of the perks of blogging is making blogger buddies all over the world. I’m super glad that the internet and blogging has made it possible for me to befriend others as faraway as Russia (where I’ve never visited) such as Maria! Look what she sent me at late last year!

She’d mentioned she wanted to send me something, near my birthday late last year, but what with the nearing holiday season and the mail, I finally managed to collect this from the post office the last week of December. Super sweet note! And not one but two blushes! Kiko and Art Deco! Yippee!!

Both Kiko and Art Deco aren’t available in Singapore so I’m super excited and grateful that Maria sent me these! You know me very well dearie =) The Art Deco packaging is absolutely gorgeous!

These are exactly shades I’d love and I couldn’t wait to start playing with them! Definitely a highlight of the year end!

Thanks again dear Maria for the wonderful and thoughtful gift! I love them!



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  1. oh, i’m glad you like it! hope they will be great for you! and of course, each time i see an interesting blush – my first thought is about you, my Guru :)))

    • Awwww.. Thanks dearie! you must tell me if there’s any Asian stuff you want! I’ll be happy to pick them up for you!

  2. I’m from Russia too and I love Maria’s blog a lot, of course, yours too)

    • Thanks!! It’s always nice to hear from my readers =)

  3. Beautiful gifts Luna, you lucky girl.

    • Definitely lucky to have wonderful blogger buddies!

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