Blush Crush – Inglot AMC 82

February 13, 2013 at 11:32 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

I first discovered Inglot a couple of years back when I was in Poland on vacation, and I picked up quite a few items to try, not knowing if the brand would ever make it to somewhere nearby. In the few years since, Inglot has expanded across the world swiftly and is now available in many countries including the US and Malaysia. Still not here in Singapore, but a girl can dream..

This Inglot AMC Face Blush in 82 is a seriously overdue review, but the weather and my schedule lately hasn’t allowed me to take new photos so I’ve had to resort to digging through old photos.

Ingredients list.

This liquid face blush comes in a handy bottle that allows you to see the shade as well as how much product you have left. Don’t be fooled by it’s tiny 15ml size, this amount will last you a long time.

It comes with a pump dispenser which is both hygienic and convenient for dispensing the right amount of product.

Though it’s a liquid blush, the consistency is a little on the thicker side, but definitely still more fluid than a cream. It’s thicker than my Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush and Becca Beach Tints, but still fluid and lightweight.

Swatched in natural light. Heavy swatch on the left and sheered out on the right.

Swatched in flash light. Heavy swatch on the left and sheered out on the right.

82 is a milky peachy shade that is very natural and glowy. It can be applied very sheer if you blend it out, but definitely buildable for more pigmentation. I find that applying this with a stippling brush helps with the blending but still keeping the level of pigmentation such that it doesn’t disappear completely. Word of caution that this shade is light enough that over blending on medium skintones will cause it to disappear into a mere glow with no pigmentation. Light skintones should have no problems with this showing up.

This isn’t as budge-proof as my Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush, but it’s a very decent liquid blush and a lovely shade. The humid weather in Singapore causes this to start fading around the 6th hour mark, which is decent, but not awesome. I tend to layer a powder blush over this to help with the staying power and also complement the powder blush. This works well as a standalone natural blush shade and a base for a complementary powder blush shade.

I’m still holding out hope that Inglot will make an appearance in Singapore (without too ridiculous a mark-up), but so far the closest we’ve got is City Square just across the causeway in JB.



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  1. The colour looks great but I tihnk I’ll stick to the Daniel Sandler ones, with my oily face it will probably not last long on me.

    • Yah.. the Daniel Sandler ones are better for our oily skin..

  2. I think I need to try Inglot products, I want to try their eyeshadow so badly!

    • Yes! Must try their eyeshadows.. Very affordable and great quality.. I love that you can choose the shades to fit into palettes and rearrange them if need be =)

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