Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink No.06

March 25, 2013 at 9:46 pm | Posted in Beauty | 8 Comments

Since the launch of Burberry’s makeup range, I’d managed to resist the eyeshadow singles despite all the awesome reviews. I managed to resist the urge not to break my rule about not buying singles. Then Burberry went and launched palettes.. Resistance was futile.

Six palettes were released late last year and this one came home with me when I attended a Burberry event with dear Jac from Beauty Hoard. It came home with me in the same haul that included Light Glow Blush in Russet.

The name Plum Pink really doesn’t sound like a palette I’d buy right? I usually steer clear of pink shades that tend to make my eyes look puffy or swollen.

The three mini applicators were nestled in the velvet pouch instead of included in the compact, which I wasn’t quite used to, but I don’t have a habit of using the included applicators so it didn’t bother me for long.

I wanted to move away from getting my usual neutral quad, and Plum Pink looked unique but still safe for me to use without looking like I got punched.

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

The texture of these eyeshadows lived up to all the hype and my expectations as they are buttery smooth and a dream to apply. Thankfully the pink taupe and plum shades turned out more neutral on me instead of overtly pink/reddish. This is definitely something different from my usual warm neutrals and a unique combination to add to my stash.



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  1. I fell in love with Plum Pink as well. Came so close to buying it!

    • Why didn’t you buy?! Go and buy now! ahahaha

  2. It looks lovely, its such a shame that Burberry products are not easy to get hold of

    • Awww.. maybe you can check online? I know a couple of e-tailers that stock Burberry, like Saks..

  3. Great selection Luna, I also wanted to avoid a neutral palette since I’ve gotten quite a few of their singles.

    • I love the texture! I’m eyeing another quad now.. to make up for not buying singles? hehhh..

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