Essence Duo Eyeshadow 02 Sweetheart

April 17, 2013 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

Since Essence landed in our local Watsons, I’ve purchased a couple of nail polishes here and there, but nothing much from their makeup selection. This duo eyeshadow was gifted to me by a dear friend and is really my first Essence makeup item.

For such an affordable drugstore brand, the packaging is quite intricately designed.

The compact little duo has a sliding cover which I’m ashamed to say had me stumped for a while as I tried my best to pry it open like a normal flip top case.

02 Sweetheart, true to it’s name is a very sweet duo of silver and pink.

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

The eyeshadows have decent pigmentation, and are quite smooth, though definitely not as finely milled as higher end brands. For Essence’s price point and target market, this is very impressive. The shades are not what I’d usually wear, as they lean cool and the silver is a little frosty. But this is a personal preference, and I’m sure there are other shades in the range that I’d love. Overall, this isn’t a shade combi I’d reach for very often, but one never knows when there’s a need for a sweet pink look. Always good to have one or two in my stash =)



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  1. Essence is one of the brands that offers the best value. I swatched the eyeshadow once and I have to admit that the quality is okay; not impressive. However for that price, I must admit that this is pretty good.

    • Agreed.. For the price, the quality is quite impressive..

  2. The colours look sweet as you say. I have yet to have a look at Essence products.

    • I admit I haven’t really paid attention to Essence makeup products.. I’ve only looked at their nail polishes..

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