Becca Halcyon Days Palette

May 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

I have great love for Becca products, having accumulated quite a few of their Mineral Blushes and Beach Tints. I picked up the Halcyon Days Palette last year and it’s a lovely little all-in-one palette just right for me.

This palette was originally released in 2011 Summer, but up till last year I still spotted it at various online e-tailers. I picked mine up at Zuneta.

You get a lip gloss, lip & cheek creme and three eyeshadows. That’s a pretty good mix of items which makes it a good candidate for travel.

I usually dislike palettes that mix creams with powders as it invariably gets messy, but I didn’t find that to be a big problem with this palette mostly as the eyeshadows didn’t kick up much powder when used.

Left: Mai Tai Lip Gloss is a very sheer peachy nude.

Right: Bougainvillea Lip & Cheek Creme is a vibrant coral.

Left: Faille Eyeshadow – is a golden peach with very fine shimmer

Middle: Muslin Eyeshadow is a creamy opal with almost invisible shimmer

Right: Chamois Eyeshadow is a light brownish bronze in a demi-matte finish

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

This is a great summertime natural looking palette. The eyeshadows are my favorite types of neutrals, with very refined texture and shimmer. The shade selection is very natural, so if you prefer a smokier look or something with more definition, you’ll need a separate darker shade to achieve that. But this is a great selection for a natural day look.

The lipgloss is very sheer, almost transparent, with just a tint of peach, but the texture is nice and glossy, which is more obvious under the flash light. The lip & cheek creme in Bougainvillea is the true gem in this palette as it’s such a gorgeous vibrant coral shade, perfect for summer time! It is extremely pigmented as well so you really don’t need very much of it whether on lips or cheeks.

As always, I have no complaints about Becca’s products and quality. This is a palette which has just the right mix of shades and products for me!



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  1. What a gorgeous palette Luna. I’m always attracted to all in one palettes and this looks like a gem. I love the eye colours and cream blush shade. Becca has great quality stuff.

    • The cream blush is the true gem here! I usually don’t like palettes that mix creams and powders, but this one is really one of the best ones I’ve come across!

  2. That’s a lovely palette, Luna! I try not to buy lipstick & eyeshadow palette as I am afraid that the powder eyeshadow would be messy. But I’m glad that it’s not the case for this palette!

    • I usually try not to buy palettes with cream&powder too.. but this was so pretty =)

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