Photo Diary: Europe 2013 Part 5

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We started out next day in Paris with a search for some breakfast croissants. We came across this boulangerie near our hotel and we did a double take back to grab some croissants and pain au chocolat after grabbing our coffee nearby.

After a satisfying breakfast, we headed off to the meeting point for our bike tour. The Blue Bike Tour in Paris is one that I highly recommend for anyone who wants an alternative way of seeing Paris and the quickest way to explore the little streets and alleys with a local guide. We made our reservations online while we were still in London and it cost us €29. We had an awesome time and even though we were very unskilled at riding bikes on actual roads (East Coast Park does not count!) we survived =)

First stop of the day was Notre Dame! I used to love the songs on the Disney animated film Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the gargoyles fascinated me so it was awesome to see this in person.

Then we rode along the Seine River banks to the Love Lock Bridge where lovers write their names on padlocks and lock them to the bridge. Then they would throw the keys into the Seine River as a sign of their undying love. A romantic gesture fit for Paris =)

Our guide brought us to a local market street for some crepes and cafe au lait as a break and it was great to stop and refuel after some time on the bike. We had the highly recommended crepe with egg, ham and cheese and it was soooo good!

Though we couldn’t ride our bikes through the Tuileries Garden, we rode on paths parallel to it and with the sunny blue skies, it looked like the perfect spot for a picnic or just relaxing and chilling out.

Soon we caught our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower!

And we got closer on our bikes! The Eiffel Tower needs no further introduction as it’s Paris’ and possibly one of the world’s most famous landmarks.

This building is the Pompidou Center of Modern Art and it really reminded us of a subway station or a factory. Art is too avant garde for us..

Four hours and 18km later, our bike tour ended and we decided to reward ourselves for surviving the entire trip with some macarons from Ladurée! Actually all six are mine.. hahaha.. I needed the sugar overdose after all that bike riding!

Pierre Hermé‘s macarons were also highly recommended and my travelling buddy actually prefers them to Ladurée‘s so of course I had to give them a try too. I picked up two more macarons at Printemps, taking my total macaron count to eight in two hours. Talk about sugar coma..

We (window) shopped the rest of the day away, and finally ended up at the Eiffel Tower again at night, and if you thought the Eiffel Tower is beautiful in the day, you really need to see it at night in all it’s lit up glory. One word: Breathtaking!

Stay tuned for more sights from Paris!


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