Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows

August 1, 2013 at 10:06 pm | Posted in Beauty | 4 Comments

Now that my cough is finally subsiding, I’m slowly getting back to blogging. This haul happened while I was sick, so it’s all thanks to a dear friend that I managed to get my hands on these awesome Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow singles at a fraction of their original price, at the recent Luxasia sale.

To think I had just pat myself on the back when reviewing Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink No.06 about resisting the eyeshadow singles. And here I am with four of them.


In my defense, these were all highly discounted and only cost $12 each! Down from the retail price of $46. That’s almost 4 for the price of 1!

It was too awesome a deal to pass up, and I gave my friend free range to pick up any shade for me, trusting she’d know my taste. Apparently by the time on the last day of the sale, there weren’t many choices left anyway.

Nevertheless, she picked up four awesome shades for me which are all right up my alley! Yippee!

04 Gold Trench

06 Almond

08 Khaki

23 Dark Sable

Swatched in natural light. From left: Gold Trench, Almond, Khaki and Dark Sable

Swatched in flash light. From left: Gold Trench, Almond, Khaki and Dark Sable

The quality of these eyeshadows are absolutely amazing, smooth and buttery and a dream to apply. I love the shades I got, and these are exactly the shades I would have picked up myself, and the price was probably the lowest you’d ever come across. This haul definitely made me feel better despite having been too sick to go to the sale personally!



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  1. Wan they are so cheap! I look at my stash and I feel very sad I paid full price for them. :( Gold trench is gorgeous but I have not tried the others though. almond looks like a fantastic eye base colour. I’m glad to hear you are getting better, take care my dear.

    • Thanks Jac! The Luxasia sale has really great bargains! I couldn’t resist requesting for these despite my rule of not buying singles!

      • They are great picks my dear. You will love them.

      • I do!! All my type of colours.. haha

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