Blush Crush – Dior Panama

August 26, 2013 at 10:02 pm | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments

Here in Singapore where it’s forever summer, we don’t need an excuse to love summer collections. We love them all year round. Especially if they’re blushes and gorgeous!

Everyone was anticipating the cream blush releases from Chanel’s and Dior’s summer collections. I picked this up from DFS on my Bangkok trip for $43 from Changi Airport.

The pot packaging reminds me of Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill with the screw caps.

Having visited the Dior counters in town and looked at swatches online prior, I knew Panama would be the shade I wanted. It’s a bright coral orange that’s right up my alley and screams summer all the way.

My biggest shock came when I flipped the pot over and the entire blush fell out from the glass pot. Mind you that this was a brand new product just purchased from a high-end brand. I discovered this accidentally when I turned the pot upside down and heard a rattling sound. When I carefully tipped it over my open palm, I was aghast to have my suspicions confirmed when the whole blush fell out of the pot.

Swatched in natural light.

Swatched in flash light.

Thankfully it didn’t seem to have affected the quality of the blush itself, as it was smooth and pigmented. Even though these are creme blushes, they didn’t feel like the normal emollient type of cream texture. These are more of a cream-to-powder type texture which makes them easy to work with, whether before or after your powder base products. I use a duo-fibre brush to dab and blend the colour on my cheeks as I find that gives me a more even distribution of colour then my fingers. I have no problems blending this over or under my pressed powder or powder foundation, which is great as some cream blushes are streaky and generally difficult to work with over powders.

I really love this shade – Panama, and the texture and finish are great as it lasted a full day on me. However, I’m still slightly upset with the way a brand new product had the audacity to have simply fallen out of the packaging. That’s not really acceptable for a Dior product in my book. And that’s what stopped me from picked up another shade when I passed by them at DFS Changi Airport.



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  1. I am hoping I will fall in love with the Chanel so that I can ignore the Dior blushes. No I’m not getting them. I am going to get RBR Manet the moment luxola has a discount. I simply adore it.

    • hahaha I highly encourage getting Manet!

  2. […] been a bevy of releases of cream blushes in recent months, and after being disappointed by Dior’s packaging, I was hoping Chanel would restore my […]

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