Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

March 20, 2014 at 10:56 pm | Posted in Beauty | 9 Comments

Since falling in love with Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, I’ve been keeping an eye out for other face oils. I kept coming across Sunday Riley’s Juno Transformative Lipid Serum, but couldn’t find it on sale anymore. I then realised that it’s been repackaged into Sunday Riley’s Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil.

Sunday Riley’s skincare range has quite the cult following and I came across enough glowing reviews to decided on a splurge.Ā 

Look at all the super impressive list of ingredients! They sure weren’t kidding when they said Superfood!

And here’s what each of the key ingredients do for your skin! Sounds really amazing doesn’t it?

At US$125 on the Sunday Riley website and most US e-tailers, this is definitely a splurge as compared to my Clarins’ face treatment oil. I got it from when they had a 15% discount recently, but the amount was still exorbitant enough that I didn’t want to be too precise in my exchange rate calculations.

But of course the key thing here is is it worth it? And yes, it is. my Clarins Lotus Oil introduced me to the wonders of face oils, and Juno here cemented my love. This dry oil is fast absorbing, leaving no trace of greasiness, feel light on my skin even in the hot and humid weather, and best of all, leaves my skin supple and radiant the next morning. I still battle the occasional spot due to my hormonal acne, but even for those I’ve felt remarkable improvement in the healing rate. I love mixing this with my night time serum and letting it work its magic overnight. It has simplified my night time routine by quite a bit as I just mix it with my serum right out of the shower and I can skip toner, moisturiser and night cream entirely.

The Clarins Lotus Oil is a great face oil for beginners, but if you feel like a splurge, go with a Sunday Riley. Besides Juno, they have Artemis for Clarity and Isis for Hydration. Definitely putting those on my to-buy list for future!



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  1. I’m not a fan of face oils, but you ‘might’ have changed my mind! Ordering some today ~ thanks for the tip!

    • Hehe! Which one are you picking up? Would love to hear your thoughts on facial oils!

      • I’m going to start with the Radiance…it has great ingredients like Chardonnay and Cumin and I love both! :)
        In all honesty, the carrot oil, black cumin and meadowfoam sound pretty interesting. Can’t wait to get it! Thanks for the blog!

      • Awesome!

  2. You know my dear it is because of your Clarins post that I bought the facial oil, oh no I must not get tempted by this. :)

    • Awwww… How are you liking the Clarins?

      • I love it babe, what a great recc.

      • yay!!

  3. […] discovering the wonders of face oils with Clarin’s Lotus Face Treatment Oil, and jumping into Sunday Riley’s Juno, there was no turning back. I had to have […]

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