3CE Lip Color – Chu Chu

June 23, 2014 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Beauty | 8 Comments

Thanks to Korean Drama fever, everyone’s been rocking bright lipsticks and even though I’m not a Korean drama fan, i decided to join in the fun.

I purchased my first 3CE products from Taiwan, and loved my Lip Color in Glass Coral enough that I went back to get more 3CE Lip Colors. This time I went for something bright and totally out of my comfort zone.

Chu Chu is a bright neon salmon pink that is way more pigmented than Glass Coral, or any of the Glass series of Lip Colors. Those who know me know I usually go for nude or lip colours that are not too “in your face”, so this was really a step into the unknown for me.

I had to rely on online swatches and a physical copy of the catalogue in stores, as there were no testers available. The SA mentioned that Chu Chu was one of their bestsellers, so naturally I had to pick it up.

Again I was very impressed by how smooth and pigmented 3CE Lip Color was. Chu Chu has a semi-matte finish and isn’t as glossy as Glass Coral, but the shade is simply gorgeous. It’s a beautiful bright (almost neon) salmon pink that instantly brightens up my face and it wears very well, leaving an even stain even after wearing off after a meal. The only downside is that it doesn’t wear as nicely over dry lips, so you definitely have to prep your lips with balm or exfoliate before putting this on.

I wore this out to meet my blogger buddies Kimoko and Plue last weekend and it instantly caught Plue’s attention! I can totally understand why this is a bestseller shade from 3CE and it’s given me more confidence to wear bright shades out, at least over the weekends :)



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  1. Great color! :) I’m loving pink lips at the moment :)

    lets follow each other? :) http://lookbeyondbeauty.wordpress.com

    • Thanks! This is a great bright pink lip colour!

  2. you rock that lip colour! wear more! :D

    • Loll only on weekend lah.. too bright to wear to work..

      • can lah~ just blot it :P

      • hahaha dun want to wear to office.. must be low profile..

  3. What a gorgeous looking colour! And look at those pouty lips. So beautiful!

    • awww *shy face* haha thanks Jac.. This is a really gorgeous shade and really affordable too! Luxola stocks 3CE now so maybe you can check them out when there’s another sale!

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