Su:m 37 Water-full Skincare

October 20, 2014 at 10:57 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments

With the sheer amount of skincare I have on rotation, it’s usually quite rare for me to have an entire routine with just one brand/range. But with the Su:m37 Water-full range, I ended up rotating all the products at the same time, even to the point of neglecting my others.

Su:m 37 is a Korean counter brand that has quite the following despite not being that widely available outside of Korea. I first picked up the Water-full range when I was in Korea two years ago, as a CP for a friend. After numerous raves from her, I went ahead to get myself a set as well.

The set I got came with a Skin Refresher, Rebalancing Gel Lotion and Timeless Water Gel Cream. I purchased the Triple Story Ampoule separately. One thing that must be said, I absolutely love the packaging! I’m a sucker for the colour blue, so this was always going to be a win, but the shape and sleekness of the packaging really adds to it. I find the entire range so pleasing to the eye when it’s sitting on my bathroom counter. :P

More information about the Water-full range, which is one of Su:m 37’s best selling, if not the best-selling line.

The Skin Refresher is essentially the toner step in my skincare routine, and I found it to be as the name suggests, a very refreshing product. It is very watery and absorbs swiftly, prepping my skin for the next step without any lingering wetness or stickiness.

Next, I move on to the Triple Story Ampoule, which has three layers that needs to be mixed before application.

Unmixed, you can see the three distinct layers.

Give it a good shake and the layers mix together. A couple of drops is all you need each time, and there’s a distinct cooling sensation when applying this, which is great for the hot weather here in Singapore.

The Rebalancing Gel Lotion is my favourite item in the range. It is a light watery gel texture that goes on so smoothly and almost dissolves into my skin upon application. Unlike other “hydrating” moisturisers that might feel a bit heavy or sticky, this is so light that it absorbs very quickly, leaving my skin smooth and refreshed.

Last but not least, the Timeless Water Gel Cream is a star product. The gel cream texture is really comfortable to use, whether at night, or during daytime. I normally shun away from creams during the day as they tend to make my face oil up faster, but this gel cream managed to keep the balance between hydrating and keeping the oilies away. As a night cream, this is hydrating enough and I always woke up with soft and plump skin.

If i had to pick, my top recommendation would be the Rebalancing Gel Lotion, but really, the whole range is worth a look. It’s available on various online retailers such as Gmarket/Qoo10 and a quick search will probably show you several options. Su:m37 is a counter brand, the likes of Sulwhasoo and History of Whoo, so the prices are a little steeper, but in my opinion, well worth it.

Anyone else  a fan of Su:m37 products?



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  1. I have always been fascinated by the Korean skin care brands but just have not had the chance to try. So many products out there and only one face lol.

    • haha I completely understand.. #onefaceonly

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