Taiwan + Hong Kong Haul Part 1

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I know I’m quite late in posting this since I’ve been back for a week.. but in my defense, turning a year older kinda put me in a rut.. Feeling old isn’t great for my blogging mood.. lol..

Enough about my melancholy. Let’s move on with the haulage report for this trip! I was in my beloved Taiwan for 5 days and had a 24hr stopover in Hong Kong on the way home. So you’ll see a mixture of my hauls from both places =P

Click to see my Haul!!

Operation Blush – 15 August 2010

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Day Twenty Nine – Kate OR-1

Quick Peek – Kate Gel Eye Liner BK-3

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I’m probably in the 0.1% of girls who apply makeup but don’t use eyeliner or mascara on a regular basis (actually very rarely). But even I have to admit to loving Kate’s Gel Eye Liner in BK-3 (for those infrequent occasions that call for eye liner)

Draw the line!


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(means I’m home!) which I’ve been since last saturday. Besides falling sick with acute holiday-withdrawal-itis, I’ve been swamped with work (trying to clear my 1090 emails – not an exaggeration!), and catching up with my friends and family.

I’ve finally got some time to take pictures of my loot and actually sort out my haul..

*Warning – Picture Heavy*

The cute Rilakkuma bag was a GWP from the Rilakkuma shop in Osaka =)

Completely forgot to include this bag of stuff in the overall haul photo! lol…

Japanese-style hauling

Quick Peek – Kate Gel Eyeshadow in GY-1

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I have an unhealthy obsession with gel/mousse/liquid eyeshadows. One of my favorites is the Kate Gel Eyeshadow, which was released some time earlier this year I believe. I snagged a few from Taiwan while I was there in May, and I absolutely love them.

Gel-lo.. lol..

EOTD Lunasol Dark Variation

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Last week was Lunasol Week so from Monday to Friday I used a different Lunasol e/s palette for my eye makeup. lol.. I usually like to pick what to use randomly on the day itself, but having a brand-themed week is pretty interesting too.. Here’s a look I did with Lunasol’s Nobel Shade Eyes in 02 Deep Variation.

The lighting’s not too great, but I actually like this look quite a bit. I have 2 types of Lunasol palettes, Sheer Contract Eyes and Noble Shade Eyes, of which I had preferred the Sheer Contrast Eyes. But after one week of using the various Lunasol palettes, Noble Shade Eyes are really growing on me!

Lunasol shadows are silky smooth and a dream to blend, and pigmented too! They’re pretty foolproof too as shadows in the same quad are designed to complement each other for very wearble looks.

The bits of glitter you see is actually from the Kate Gel Eyeshadow in BR-2 which i used as a base.

Overall, I’ve grown to love my Noble Shade Eye palettes and will definitely try to get my hands on more Lunasols!

Leaving you with a close-up shot of this pretty baby =)

EOTD Purplicious

June 28, 2009 at 12:21 am | Posted in Beauty | 3 Comments
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Since I usually stick with neutrals for weekdays at the office, weekends I get to play around with some colours and today I broke out my purple Maquillage 3D Eyes Creator from my Taiwan Haul as well as my Korres eyeshadow from my ASOS haul to create this purplicious EOTD!

Stuff I used:


First I applied Kate Gel Eye Shadow in WT-1 all over my lids as a base. Followed by the first lilac shade of my Maquillage 3D Eyes Creator in VI367 on the inner half of my lids, then applied my Korres Eyeshadow in 77S Plum on the outer half, blended up to the crease.


I applied my eye makeup early in the day around noon before I left the house and this pictures was taken just after I got home about 11 hours later. I’m quite impressed at the staying power of the eyeshadows even after a day of gallivanting around town for a movie, and even a trip to and from Expo for some major retail therapy (more on that later). 

EOTD Silver Grey

June 5, 2009 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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TGIF! I’ve been neglecting this blog again, but since I have some spare time, I finally decided to post an EOTD!
I don’t think I’m skilled at eye makeup at all, in fact, I don’t use eyeliner or mascara (I can hear gasps of shock). I’m pretty much just an e/s kind of girl, and it wasn’t even that long ago that I wasn’t using any eye makeup at all (I can hear jaws dropping) haha anyway here’s a very random Friday EOTD!

Stuff I used:

From my Taiwan Haul, the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Palette in SV887, and the Kate Gel Eye Shadow in BR-2. I had applied the Kate gel e/s as a base thinking of doing a neutral eye, but randomly decided to go for silvery grey halfway through. I used the bottom left silver shade over 2/3 of my eyelids, and the bottom right dark grey shade on the 1/3 outer V as well as the crease. The top left pearl white shade was used to highlight. 


I took this photo at the end of my day when I got home, so the e/s isn’t quite as fresh as it was in the morning, and my camera did wash out most of the colour and sparkles. Pardon the ungroomed upper lid.. I’ve been slacking.. Just for the fun of it, here’s another picture of my eye.. hahaha


My weird double eyelid fold makes eyeliner look really weird on me, which is the excuse I use for skipping that.. =P
By seriously, I’ve yet to be able to make eyeliner work on my weird eye shape..

Taiwan = Haul Heaven Part 1

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Sorry once again for neglecting this blog.. Seems like I’ve been travelling quite frequently recently.. But this should be the last of it for a while.. Anyway I present my greatest haul ever! 2 weeks in Taiwan really isn’t wallet friendly!

Is that all?

JB Haul

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Over the long weekend (which ended much too quickly IMO), I hopped across the causeway with a couple of girlfriends to engage in some chillaxing, some cheap movies, cheap japanese food, and of cuz some hauling. On my previous trip to JB, I discovered Etude House had set up shop, which is about as close to Etude House as I’m gonna get, until they decide to invade Singapore at least. I didn’t get anything the last time for some strange reason, but I was fully prepared for hauling this time round.

I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t carry the newest Precious Minerals collection as I had been wanting to check out the new BB Creams. But I still managed to get some really good deals!

Guess how much I spent!

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