Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes 03 Soft Beige

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This Spring season, many releases have employed rose motifs, such as Anna Sui’s Rose Cheek Colour I reviewed yesterday. Dior and Lancome also had similar rose-themed products. So Lunasol is right on trend with their Spring Petal/Peach Purification collection.

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Lunasol Party Coffret 2011

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One of the highlights of the year end holiday season is always the lovely holiday coffrets that many brand, especially Japanese brands put out. I showcased the Magie Deco one previously, but it wasn’t the only coffret I brought back with me from Taiwan.

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Blush Crush – Lunasol Cream Cheek EX01

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Lunasol released 3 cream cheeks with their Spring 11 collection, and I hauled EX01 during my transit in Tokyo’s Narita Airport way back in January.

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Lunasol Spring 2011 Haul

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You know what was the best part about my trip to the US earlier this year? Nope, it wasn’t the shopping there (though that was pretty awesome). Nope, it wasn’t staying at the Marriott Marquis smack in the middle of Times Square. And it most definitely wasn’t the disgusting cold subzero temperatures.

It was actually the 2 hour transit stopover I had in Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Don’t ask me why, but it was the best part of my entire trip. If you’d spent the past few trips to the US transiting in boring old Frankfurt Airport, you’d know why Narita is such a welcome change.

One great thing about transiting in Tokyo is shopping at their Duty Free!! Upon landing, I immediately zoomed in on the cosmetics section of their Duty Free shopping to buy myself something sparkly.. hehehe

Check out my Lunasol Spring 2011 Haul!

Lunasol Party Coffret 2010U

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It’s that time of the year where every brand is out to grab your festive dollars with various holiday collections. As usual, one of the most highly-anticipated coffrets is from Lunasol. This year’s Sheer Gold Holiday Collection is of particular interest to me as the eyeshadow palette looked like one of my favorite neutral shades, and the coffret comes with a full size blush too!! I hurried myself down to the Takashimaya Lunasol counter several weeks ago to place my reservation and it finally arrived last Friday!!

Click for Lunasol Holiday Coffret!

Quick Peek – Lunasol Soft Silver Lighting

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Lunasol is arguably my favorite Japanese counter brand when it comes to eyeshadows. I cannot get enough of them and am on an everlasting quest to get my hands on as many Lunasol eyeshadow palettes as I can.. lol.. I have quite a soft spot for this particular palette – EX04 Soft Silver Lighting.

From Xmas 2008

Lunasol Dazzling Night Makeover

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During the official launch of Lunasol’s fall collection at Takashimaya a couple weeks back, any purchase above $50 entitled you to a free makeover by one of their Japanese makeup artists.. I had already made my purchase(s) earlier during the anniversary sale, so I wasn’t eligible.

But due to a stroke of luck and my powers of persuasion, I managed to coerce persuade a friend that she needed to buy two of the new palettes. Since that went well over $100 in total, I shameless asked to book the both of us for makeovers, and the SAs agreed! hahahahaha

I had never had a makeover done by a makeup artist before (prom makeup doesn’t count.. and that was eons ago..) So I was eagerly waiting my turn why my friend was getting her’s done. She chose 04 Star River for her eye makeup, as she had been pondering whether to get it too.. lol..

When it was my turn, I decided to choose 03 Dazzling Night, as it is my favorite of the collection, and I wanted to see how it would turn out when done by a professional guy.. hahaha..

Dazzle me tonight

Quick Peek – Lunasol Chocolate Cosmos

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Sorry for the disappearing act.. I was pretty bogged down with work/exam/being sick for the past week or so.. but at least my exam is over, so here’s a quick post on one of my favorite neutral palettes.

I was pretty late jumping on the Lunasol bandwagon, but I’m making up for lost time! Sadly my one and only local counter doesn’t stock many of the older collections, such as Geminate Eyes, Lighting for Eyes, Prismatical Eyes and Skin Modelling Eyes. They probably have a few pieces or 1 or 2 shades and that’s it.. Tragic.. But I managed to snag myself this baby during the Taka anniversary sale, on the day they have 5% + 15% discount. And if you know the exorbitant price Lunasol palettes are, you’ll understand why this made a huge difference.. lol..

Chocolatey goodness!

EOTD Lunasol Dark Variation

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Last week was Lunasol Week so from Monday to Friday I used a different Lunasol e/s palette for my eye makeup. lol.. I usually like to pick what to use randomly on the day itself, but having a brand-themed week is pretty interesting too.. Here’s a look I did with Lunasol’s Nobel Shade Eyes in 02 Deep Variation.

The lighting’s not too great, but I actually like this look quite a bit. I have 2 types of Lunasol palettes, Sheer Contract Eyes and Noble Shade Eyes, of which I had preferred the Sheer Contrast Eyes. But after one week of using the various Lunasol palettes, Noble Shade Eyes are really growing on me!

Lunasol shadows are silky smooth and a dream to blend, and pigmented too! They’re pretty foolproof too as shadows in the same quad are designed to complement each other for very wearble looks.

The bits of glitter you see is actually from the Kate Gel Eyeshadow in BR-2 which i used as a base.

Overall, I’ve grown to love my Noble Shade Eye palettes and will definitely try to get my hands on more Lunasols!

Leaving you with a close-up shot of this pretty baby =)

EOTD Lunasol Yellow Variation

September 7, 2009 at 6:05 pm | Posted in Beauty | 2 Comments
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Recently I’ve been having themed e/s weeks, and I had a couple minutes extra time this morning before I left for work, so I decided to do an EOTD post for the beginning of Lunasol week. I’ve had request for EOTD on Green Coral, but its not too work friendly, so I’m starting with a neutral palette first.

This is a very work-safe look, and coupled with the bad lighting and lousy camera, you probably can’t see anything.. haha..

Hope this one shows up better. I love that this is a non-brown neutral look. It is work-safe, but not boring.

I used Kate’s gel eyeshadow in WT-1 as a base and Lunasol’s Noble Shade Eyes in Yellow Variation.

I applied the top left yellow shade all over lid, and the top right orange shade from lashline up to crease, and highlighter with the bottom left shimmery yellow. This is pretty much a fool-proof, no-brainer palette to use, and i love how Japanese palettes take the guess work out of matching.. Everything’s pretty much laid out for you, and it’s really hard to go wrong with these palettes.. lol..

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