Blush Crush – Make Up For Ever Pink Sand & Peach Beige

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I love having beauty blogger buddies who share their goodies with me as it’s a great way to try more stuff without breaking the bank! Sharing is caring!

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MUFE HD Microfinish Cream Blush

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You know I get all excited over blushers, but my excitement level was off-the-charts on these!! I was practically bouncing around in my seat when I first saw them on the interweb. Like every blush fiend, I eagerly made my list and thanked the blush-loving gods that I was able to get a CP from the US so soon =P

Want to be in HD?

US Hauling

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Nope I didn’t go to the US. Nope I didn’t order these online – as a Flintstone, my online ordering skills are pretty non-existent. Instead, I depend on my long-distance hauling through CPs =) If I’m not there, at least my shopping list is.. lol..

*warning – Picture-heavy & Drool-worthy*

Long Distance Hauling


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It’s been a really long time since I did a Product of the Week (POTW)!! No, I haven’t been slacking in my weekly rotations, just slacking in posting about them.. lol.. Finally after a long break, I’m going to give some quick thoughts on some products I used the whole of last week.

First up – Biore UV Bright Face Milk is one of my go-to sunscreen. It is fuss-free, affordable, and has the highest SPF/PA value I know of. I heard it from some show before that companies are technically only allowed to record SPF values of up to 50 and PA up to 3 +, so everything that claims to be beyond that is pretty much unproven.. Not sure how true this is, but SPF50 and PA+++ sounds like it’s got me covered.. lol.. This pink version is for radiance, hence called the bright face milk. I like how it dries into a matte finish, without any stickiness that sunscreen is prone to, especially with such a high SPF/PA value. The texture is really liquidy, and easy to spread over my face, which is another plus as it feels lightweight. This can double up as a makeup base, and I find the oil control pretty decent for a sunscreen/makeup base. I don’t really see much help with the radiance when using this, but this is just sunscreen, so I’m not too bothered.

Next is MUFE HD Primer in shade 0 (Neutral), which I got from an aussie seller for a great price. One thing I love about this primer is the texture. It is lightweight and feels like a moisturiser instead of a primer. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and though Neutral is clear and doesn’t have any colour correcting effect, it feels really silky, without feeling like I have a mask on. It also does help my makeup stay in place for a much longer time. Whenever i use this primer, my foundation/BB stays on all day till I get home at night!

Last but not least is Beauty DIY’s Calendura & Licorice Perfect Soothing BB Cream. I got this from the Taiwan payeasy website in a spree, and I find it a very frills-free BB Cream, actually very good for beginners or those who don’t need their BB Creams to perform too many miracles. This doesn’t come with SPF, so I usually pair it up with either sunscreen or a primer/base that comes with sunscreen. The shade is a pretty good match for me, about NC25-30ish, and the coverage is light-medium. The finish is quite natural, which is always a plus point as I don’t want to come across as wearing too much makeup. Oil control and texture is both average, nothing spectacularly good or bad. Its probably one of the most average BBs I own, nothing to rave about, but nothing to complain about.

I hope you guys don’t mind just these quick thoughts, I find this way easier than writing individual posts about these products, as I’d probably become too lazy to do those and they’d never get written.. lol.. this way you guys get to read my views on a few products right after I’ve used them for at least a week. =)

All the way from Down Under

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I recently managed to snag quite a few items from an Aussie seller for a great bargain.

Bargain hunting!

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