Operation Blush – 20 August 2010

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Day Thirty Four – Topshop Neon Rose

Blush Crush – Topshop’s Neon Rose

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You might recalled I hauled some of Topshop’s cream blushes and did a review of Flush. I’ve been meaning to try out the others but I’ve been busy rotating my blushes for Operation Blush, so I figured I’d do swatches first.

Neon Rose isn’t quite neon is it? But it’s a lovely rosey pink shade nonetheless. I found that it’s a bit of a warmer pink than Flush, which was a more cool toned pink.

The swatch looks lovely, and I can’t wait to try it out on my cheeks! Gotta remember to put it in the rotation for Operation Blush!

Operation Blush – 22 July 2010

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Day Twelve – Topshop Flush!

Blush Crush – Topshop’s Flush

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I recently hauled some ofTopshop’s cream blushesfrom their newly launched makeup collection. As usual, checking out a new brand of cosmetics involves me zeroing in on the blushes. Flush is the first of the four that I’ve tried and so far I’m really liking it!

Royal Flush?

Topshop Makeup Haul

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Topshop is a High Street Brand from the UK which I normally wouldn’t associate with makeup, but they’d just launched their makeup collection at the ION Orchard store on 8 July, and I’d heard there were blushes! Naturally I had to check it out. Imagine my outrage when I walked into the store on 9 July only to find the entire range of cream blushes wiped out! Of course I turned my stalker-mode full on and decided to check in on the store every time I passed by. Finally I spotted the replenished display yesterday. I think the euphoria got to my head pretty quickly and I ended up leaving the store with four of the cream blushes. lol…

Topshop Cream Blushes!!

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